web presentation of thesis in geospatial analysis

Thesis "housing in Greece", geospatial data analysis

a website with interactive presentation of geospatial data in mind

web development.

with the guidance of Mimis Angelos, professor at Panteion University, and Kostopoulou Eleni, post-graduate student at Panteion University


data are from Greek Census of 2011, and about Housing in Greece

web-presentation of the data is still in development, as data is prepared for the web

view work


Admin dashboard with Oauth authentication - bootstrap tables etc...

#anchor_tag navigation functionality with jquery smooth scrolling

MongoDB(db as a service | Mlab) is used as a Database to store the thesis information and the geospatial data as geoJSON

Deployment is on heroku(sandbox)

Active monitoring of memory usage to avoid memory leaks in calculation functions

Schema associations, population with mongooseJS

Express-Session for session storing(now in ram - should be stored in db[planned to change])